Check toilet review how to buy the best one!

Are you planning the designs of your new house? Well, make sure that you put equal importance in designing your bathroom as much as you put in designing your other rooms. A well planned and designed bathroom can be a very eye-catching and speaks volumes about the owners taste.

A toilet is definitely the most important and indispensable part of a bathroom and it is very important to choose one carefully. This is where a toilet review comes handy. This is because they provide honest opinion of users which will help you in determining the quality of a product.


Some things to consider while buying a toilet are listed below:

  • Shape

Toilets come in round or elongated shapes. Elongated shaped toilets look elegant and classy but take up quite a lot of space and hence not ideal for small spaced bathrooms. Read the toilet review of the product to ensure that the design is comfortable.

  • Height

The average height of toilets is 14 to 15 inches. But if your family members are tall then you can opt for a higher toilet of around 17 inches. Toilets with greater height are also convenient for people who are physically challenged.

  • Rough in

It is the distance between the drain and wall. It is important to measure this space which will help in choosing a toilet. You can take help of your plumber to measure the distance and ensure the best fit of your toilet.


Nowadays toilet comes with many different features like automatic flush and much more. But the feature you should look out for is its water saving capacity. Different toilet models use different quantity of water per flush. Try and choose one that uses 1.2 gallons or less.

Whatever model you wish to buy, make sure that you read the toilet review first and ensure that it is durable and comfortable.